M.A.S.H. & Real Life

“How old is the baby? Is this your only child? Oh, how old are the others? Wow! You really spaced them out.”

I really spaced them out?? There are circumstances that come into play. You can’t assume that getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby is a simple decision for every family. There are health issues and unforeseen circumstances that can come into play. And guess what? Some people actually plan to have their children several years apart.

In that moment I always think back to the times when I was a young girl playing “MASH” and it was so simple to determine how many children you’d have, where you’d live, who you’d marry, blah blah blah.

I played a round today for old times sake. Let’s see – I will be an artist, my husband an entrepreneur. I’ll drive a Mini Cooper. We’ll live in a shack in LA with our pet bird. Not bad. Wait, I forgot to put the number of children on there. Does that mean ‘none’? I guess so. Or maybe I’ll play again lol.

But real life happens. I had decided what age I wanted to be when I had each child and how close in age I wanted them to be. But the Lord had other plans for my life.

And my life couldn’t be sweeter.

I think people don’t realize just how much judgement they’re passing in that short conversation. And I’m not usually up to making an educational moment out it. Everyone’s family dynamic is different. What works for you may not work for everyone else. Be open-minded enough to respect situations that may not be ideal to you.

Bottom line is, God’s plans for your life trump yours. Trust and enjoy your journey.


9 thoughts on “M.A.S.H. & Real Life

  1. Love it!! Although, I must admit, I have judged. I am learning to accept things and people for who and what they are…for none of us are perfect. And with that said, I totally agree with your post!

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  2. I agree with this! First, because I used to LOVE playing MASH when I was younger, lol. And secondly, whatever God has planned for you, will be for you. No MASH game can tell you any different! My daughter will be 1 this month, and I couldn’t be happier. Although my husband and I have discussed when baby #2 will be here, I am going to leave it up to whenever the time is right for our family, and when God sees fit. Great post!

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  3. I couldn’t have said this better myself. You never know what another person has been through to get where they are in life. My husband and I are expecting number 3 in June and sometimes I’m amazed at what people assume or the questions they feel comfortable asking . You have a beautiful family! God absolutely has a plan for each of us and works everything out as it should be in his time.


  4. Great post. As a new mum to a 10 month old, I too have all sorts of plans about how many subsequent children I will have and the age gaps between them. I realised recently that to obsess over this undermines the perfect joy my baby girl has brought to me of her own being, irrespective of any future siblings. So now I worry less and enjoy her more. From instagram I see your family is beautiful. Love simply radiates from every picture! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Well said. I’ve spent some time beating myself up over life events I couldn’t control and that was time wasted. Everything happens for a reason. It has all worked out for the best. Thanks for the love. Many blessings to you and your family 💛

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