10 Reasons Why I Loc’d My Daughter’s Hair

1. No more products. Keep it simple.

I have cabinets, drawers, and baskets full of products claiming to soften, loosen, or curl kinky hair. We’ve gone through years of trial and error. $$$. And still hadn’t developed a feasible regimen.

With locs, we don’t have to find products to change our hair pattern; the more natural and unhandled the better. Shampoo, water, flaxseed gel, and oil. Yep, that’s about it. And baby girl will be more capable of caring for her own hair.

2. Length/ponytails.

What girl doesn’t love a long ponytail? With loose natural hair, it’s hard to have a flowing ponytail without straightening your hair. Then you straighten it and try to avoid moisture at all costs to make it last, let’s say – a week maybe? And don’t try to straighten too often, you’ll ruin your curl pattern or you may have heat damage.

With locs, you don’t have to worry about your hair converting. Your length will show. And in my case, your hair will grow longer faster. No shrinkage.

3. Less styling.

My daughter is just not into going through a lot of changes to have a new hairdo. We are low-maintenance girls who require low-maintenance hair.

Daily styling is long gone. We can style our hair after washing and not have to worry about styling again for a days or weeks.

With locs, a braid-out or twist out can last for several weeks and still look fresh. And a fancy updo can be achieved with as little as a hairband and a couple of hair pins.

4. No more combing, shoulder and back pain, and tender-headedness.

No more combing. You hear me? No more combing. Do you know how much pain and heartache the comb has caused us? No more sore scalp. By the time I’d finish combing thru and styling, my shoulders and back would be killing me for days. Only to do it all over again in two weeks time.

5. No more elaborate washdays.

Tears on wash day is not ideal. Styling your hair should not be painful. The process for unraveling, washing/co-washing, deep-conditioning, drying, then styling was just painful. For me and for baby girl. An entire day out of our weekend gone.

6. After swimming freedom. Dancing in the rain.

Swim lessons in the summer? Want to take a random dip in the pool? Want to get your hair wet? No problem.

7. Sleep with your hair uncovered.

No more headaches from tight nighttime headscarves. Sleep on a satin pillowcase and you don’t have to cover your head at night.

8. Diversity.

Why not experience all that your hair can do? Why not rock it in its most natural state and embrace your individual hair texture? Wear your crown thick and tall.

9. Unique.

No two locs are the same. Embrace your journey knowing that you stand out in the crowd.

10. She loves them. She loves my hair and she loves hers.

My ultimate goal in caring for my daughter’s hair is that she loves and embraces her healthy hair.

Locs are not “permanent” and can be taken down to revert back to your loose natural hair at any time. As my daughter is 12 years old, she can and has the right to grow and change her mind.


15 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Loc’d My Daughter’s Hair

  1. I loved your post. My daughter kept asking me to loc her hair from the age of 5. I kept putting it off because I wasn’t sure she knew what she wanted. However, she never stopped asking. When she was 7 I asked her, “what if you don’t like them anymore? “, she said “mom it’s just hair, I can cut it off and start over”- she said this like I asked the silliest question in the world. She LOVES her locs..she loves wearing her hair out and wild. Her hair is so long, and people always stop her to say they love her hair.

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  2. I also have loc’d my daughters hair. She started with two strand twist and now has a head full of curly locs. She’s 8 and she hated the three hour process is was to get her hair combed and tamed for a hairstyle. The freedom on only sitting for an hour every couple of weeks made her choose to have locs like the rest of the family. I was wondering what your one hand method is so that I can start her on her journey of her own hair upkeep?

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  3. Great piece for all of us on the fence. As my daughter is still young, I want to wait for a few reasons. However, once and if she expresses she wants hair like mine, I will happily oblige.

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  4. Great post! I’ve been rockin my fro for about a month now. Every time i think about straightening it, i quickly change my mind. Its so much easier being natural!

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  5. Great post! I’ve been considering Locs for my own daughter’s hair. Still waiting for her to stop rough housing so much so lint/dirt from the sandbox don’t get stuck in her hair so often. She won’t even sleep on a pillow throughout the night… Yet.


    1. I love this as those were all of my reasons for locing my daughter’s hair. She loves her hair. Started them when she was 9, now shes 11 and wouldn’t change a thing about them. Also, I love how she expresses herself when she styles them in different ways.


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