Right This Second

Photo credit: Melena D. of MSDPhotography, DFinney Photography 101 Mentoring Session, Washington, DC, March 2015. Makeup by Denyelle D. of Denyelle.com

I have piles of notebooks and checklists in pocketbooks, back pockets, drawers, phones, computers, Pinterest boards, everywhere. When I get an idea, I jot it down and try to work on the time frame in which to get it done.

I had just chatted with my girlfriends about how much of an eyesore my linen closet was. I pinned some cute ideas and dollar store hacks. I had BIG plans.

I ran across some pins about getting “summer abs”. Yes, I need this!! I told hubby that I was ready to get serious and get back on track with running and exercising.

The next night I had washed ALL of the laundry and had it in a huge pile to be folded. In between running errands and caring for the family, I folded what I could. I had put 1/3 a dent in it by the end of the night.

Just as I was starting dinner, hubby took baby girl out of my arms and said “go run”. Um, not now. I know I said to help me with this, but I’m in the middle of doing this and doing that.

I ran 2 miles. No excuses. And it felt so good. Hubby finished up dinner.

We survived breaking routine.

The following morning I started with my cup of tea as usual. I had planned on continuing with the laundry situation after breakfast. Hubby said “come on, let’s knock it out”. This was not my plan. But, two extra hands, half the time – I’ll take it. We got it done.

Next thing I know, I was deep cleaning the cloth diapers and hubby was reorganizing the linen closet. I had been pinning about this for weeks and he just spontaneously got it done in one random hour lol.

Our oldest daughter woke up and asked about breakfast, which we hadn’t gotten around to yet. “Can I make pancakes?” she asked. No doubt!! Boom. It all worked out.

The rest of the day turned into an impromptu spring cleaning. None of this was in my plans. Sometimes, like my dad says, you have to “stop the coming and come”. Everything doesn’t require elaborate steps. Sometime you just have to do it already and get it done.



6 thoughts on “Right This Second

  1. That’s right! You just gotta do it, just like Nike! We are all guilty of spending more time planning than doing. From now on, im not going to think about it, im just going to do it!

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  2. you had a big help in all that though…HUBBY! Kudos to him for saying ‘go do what you need to do, I got this’ or ‘come on, let’s get it done’. I wish…

    I bet it sure does feel good though!! Send me some of that motivation!

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