Family Bible Study

The Lord blessed me tonight.

My daughter has been itching for a new book to read. Yesterday she asked me if we can go to the library tomorrow so that she can get new books. She’s the type that’ll get a new book, start reading it that day, pick it up every spare hour she’s got, and finish it in a day or two.

Last night she asked tough questions about God and religion. We had a great family discussion into the wee hours of the night. After a lengthy talk, hubby and I explained to her that it is up to her to have her own relationship with God. And that she would find answers by open-mindedly reading the bible for herself. I believe that you have to have a question in order to whole-heartedly seek an answer and be able to accept it. I love that she is at that age where she will be able to willingly read and make her own decisions based on her findings. She is maturing and coming into her own. I’m so proud of her for questioning and even more proud that she is seeking understanding.

You see, this is different from going to church, different from Sunday school, different from VBS. Different from the lessons I teach her. This is self-led learning. There have been many lessons I’ve taught my daughter and many she didn’t receive; this changes everything.

“Have you read the whole bible?” she asked me. No, I haven’t. Her dad and I have decided to read it along with her – our blessing in disguise.

I could not have asked for a greater blessing. Her soul is thirsty. My child wants to read the bible and, not only that, but we will do so together. I’m looking forward to our journey. Looking forward to her finding answers to questions, enlightenment, understanding, faith, hope, peace, and love. Looking forward to our relationship being strengthened. Looking forward to her being able to confidently know the Word and be equipped to handle the world.

He is risen indeed!

I wonder if we’ll make it to the library today.

Do you have family bible study in your home?


4 thoughts on “Family Bible Study

  1. Praise God! This is absolutely awesome! I don’t know you other than thru IG, but I truly thank God for the blessings He has poured into your life, and that you allow to run over as encouragement for others. As for my family; One of my 9 children is your daughter’s age and she and my 11yo just recently decided they wanted to get Baptized. My family has Bible Study 6 nights a week at home and attend Bible Study the 7th night. We all have our own Bibles, so we all take turns praying and reading the the verses as we tackle a Chapter. My husband and I have been amazed at the transformation in our children, as well as in ourselves. To God be all the Glory.


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