FREE Meet and Greet: April 18th, 2015 @National Harbor

DMV! Come out on April 18th @4pm to meet Yannie, the one and only Locologist, and I at the National Harbor for a FREE MEET & GREET. We’ll meet on the lawn in front of the jumbo plaza screen. We are looking forward to spending some time with you.

My family loves spending time at the harbor – great restaurants and hotels, cute specialty shops and premium outlets, fun play area for the little ones with a ferris wheel and merry go round, beautiful scenery (be sure to bring your camera; the pics at sunset are spectacular against the water). Go to for more details about what the Harbor has to offer. 

Make it a family outing, take some pics with us for The Gram, and meet some of your favorite Instagrammers and naturalistas!

I’ve been following Yannie and her magic hands for years now. I am so excited about teaming up with this beautiful Queen. She cares for locs like no other! Her primary focus is healthy crowns – only nautral ingredients, no twisting, palm rolling, gels, clips, or dryers. Click on this link to view my favorite YouTube vid of hers:

Follow Yannie:

  • Instagram: @yanniethelocologist and @_locology_
  • YouTube: Yannie The Locologist
  • Facebook: Locs By Yannie
  • Web:

See you at the harbor!


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