So hubby got a Fitbit and has gone quite mad

So, hubby got a Fitbit and he’s gone quite mad, I tell you!

He started off really excited about this revved up pedometer tracking his daily steps.

Then he added his Fitbit Friends to his profile and things started getting a little more intense lol. A weekend challenge was posted: who will be the weekend warrior winner? *Cue Rocky theme music.

Let me tell you – he was in Beast Mode all weekend long. Even at the birthday party we took the kids to. He was pacing around the room, getting those steps in.

If you keep track of your daily steps, you know how insane 80,000 in one weekend is. 36 miles! Really? Something seems unhealthy about that lol. By Sunday night, all I could do was make sure he had plenty of water and food to fuel him and cheer him on. At 10pm it was crunch time. 2 hours left on the clock, hubby still treadmilling it out.

He took a five minute pause to eat this salad I made for him (romaine, spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, scallion, eggs, and black pepper) along with a mason jar full of water.


He pulled out the lead. Wait… are we doing this next weekend too??



Final Tally:

I’m proud of Beast Mode Hubby. As insane as this was, I admire his determination. I was more and more amazed as his steps increased by the hour. I couldn’t have done it. As a matter of fact, I probably wouldn’t have even signed up for such a challenge lol. I’m here to cheer him on 🙂


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