Me Time

My husband walked through the door and immediate saw just how beat I was. Friday night for this mom of three means exhaustion. He asked, “Do you need a break, honey?” And what did I say?? “No, I’m alright.” LIES!

Why do I do that? Get this guilty feeling whenever I’m taking care of me and only me. It’s not a crime. As a matter of fact, I deserve this!

It clicked all of a sudden that this was my chance to escape. Just kidding lol. I grabbed a bag of chips on the way upstairs. Pinned my hair up in a bun. Slathered some Manuka honey on my face. Set the bath and added some lavender and bubbles. Grabbed the pumice stone. And enjoyed the peace and quiet. I was on a date 🙂

What good am I without my peace, anyway? That’s not the “self” I want to offer to my children and husband. I want to offer the best of me. Have to take care of my spirit, my well-being. Have to be able to pull myself up.

After this bath I’ll be refreshed and renewed. I can continue to spread joy in my home. My face will be smooth and these heels will be baby soft lol. And it will be just about time for the little ones to call it a night. We will all awaken in the morning rested and ready to enjoy family time. 

Photo credit: Melena D. of MSDPhotography, DFinney Photography 101 Mentoring Session, Washington, DC, March 2015. Makeup by Denyelle D. of


6 thoughts on “Me Time

  1. yes! i completely understand and have found myself doing and saying the same thing! as women and mothers and wives we’ve got to remember that none of those roles work if we don’t work!

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