Don’t Let The Smooth Beat Fool You 

You ever hear the first few beats of a song play on the radio, then instantly you turn it up loud because that’s your song? There’s something about music that really hits the soul. Something about a fresh beat can change your mood.

But then you have to think – what is it about any particular song that draws you in? The beat. The rhythm. The rhymes. The vocals. The artist. Sometimes the words behind the music are last on the list. Sometimes you just need to dance and need that fast-paced reggae dancehall. Sometimes you just need to cry so you turn Sade on low in the background. Sometimes you need upliftment… Where does your upliftment come from?

Have you ever felt guilty about liking a song because of its sound, knowing that the person singing it has warped views or the lyrical content is far from holy?

Sometimes that song you love conquers all else. When it comes on you drop all that you’re doing, turn it up loud, and dance til your heart is content. But.. is your heart really content if you know that the lyrical content is not honoring God? What type of trance is this?

Don’t let the smooth beat fool you. That artist that you loved for one song isn’t guaranteed to deliver the same content for the next. Sometimes you have to stick to the single.

Tonight I glanced at pics from celebrities at the Met Gala and noticed that some of the artists who got the most praise for their attire were ones who were barely wearing any clothes. This is what is widely accepted in today’s society so it doesn’t surprise me. It does, however, open my eyes and helps me to re-evaluate my heart to be sure that what I desire, honor, worship, praise, and adore is in the right place.

No matter what the world is more and more accepting of, my standards will not change. That artist who I used to love can decide to strip her clothes and her dignity away to gain the world, losing one follower – me. Even if I stand alone.

I’ll continue to challenge myself by hearing the lyrics and judging a song on that first. My song by my standards.

Be careful what you allow to entertain your soul.

This is my desire, to honour You.
Lord, with all my heart I worship You.
All I have within me, I give You praise.
All that I adore is in You.

Lord, I give You my heart,
I give You my soul.
And I live for You alone.
Every breath that I take,
Every moment I’m awake,
Lord have Your way in me.

-Reuben Morgan

Photo credit: Adina B. of Bliss Culture Photography, DFinney Photography 101 Mentor Session, Washington, DC, March 2015. Makeup by Denyelle D. of


6 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Smooth Beat Fool You 

  1. My husband talks about the power of music, the spiritual nature of it, and how careful we must be.

    Hard part for me is I grew up with Beyoncé and where I might dismiss Rihanna or others, I find myself letting the Bey hive in. I think it’s the nostalgia of my teenage years.

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    1. I agree – music is very powerful indeed. I’ve been a huge Beyoncé fan for some time now. But this last album really had me take a step back. I found myself loving some of the songs. Then when I really analyzed what she was saying.. She’s not talking about anything worth me memorizing. It had to be a conscious choice for me to let that go and decide what I would also myself to feed into. I listen to a lot of old school reggae also, which is nostalgic for me. Some songs, growing up, I didn’t realize were as vulgar as I hear it today. I’ve changed my preset stations in my car so that I don’t even come across vulgar music. When I hear someone singing that popular new song, it’s pretty shocking. Easier for me to draw the line in the sand.


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