Taking the Little Ones to a Performance

Today I took the kids to see “The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats”. An unforgettable, dazzling, colorful art form – or at least that’s how the description reads. It says here that they skillfully balanced and juggled porcelain jars, silk umbrellas, and tables. I wouldn’t know because I was juggling a baby and a toddler lol.

Sit on my lap. Sit on the floor. Walk. Sit on the chair. Pull the hair hanging over from the person sitting in front of us. Want snack. Spill snack. Clean up snack. Put on shoe. Take off shoe. Eat shoe. Want milk. Don’t want cover. Pull off cover while drinking milk. Give kisses. Give hugs. See a bit of the show. Clap hands. Wave. Snap a quick pic.

What? It’s over??

I grabbed some papers on the way out of upcoming events where we can do this all again. Holding baby girl in one hand, looked down to find that she had created her own snack.

Ah, the joys of parenting. It can get hectic but I wouldn’t trade this job in for the world.


3 thoughts on “Taking the Little Ones to a Performance

  1. I got lucky: between the raisins & pretzel sticks and that super nice Grandma playing around with Silas, he was actually quite entertained for most of the show! 🙂

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