The last kid to have an iPhone 

So our pre-teen is now reading a chapter book a day. Sometimes in two or three days, depending on how much free time she has. I have to admit, when I was her age I was bringing in the grades but you wouldn’t catch me reading in my spare time. I think that was my motivation to get her to love reading. I read all of the “how to teach your baby to read” books before she was born and concluded that we needed to read to her as much as we could. And that we did. By four years old she had tested into Kindergarten a year early. She’s always stayed a step ahead, making us so proud.

I don’t take credit though. She is a self-motivated, brilliant, and independent thinker. Last school year was her first in middle school. We challenged her – get all A’s and earn a trip to Disney World. So, what happened? Yep, Disney! We hit her with the whole “surprise, we’re actually headed to the airport right now” bit and everything. This schoolyear she is continuing to prove herself by pulling in good grades and attempting to stay out of trouble.

I’ve gotten into the routine of coming home, searching for books that might interest her, putting them on hold online at our local library, then swinging by and picking them up when they’re available. She literally jumps into the car, sticks her face into the book, reads all the way home. Sometimes until dinner. I can’t complain. Not a bad habit to have.

If you have any awesome books to recommend to a 12 year old, please list them below. I’ll let you know how she likes them 🙂

So now her question is – should she be “rewarded” with an iPhone. Let’s face it, “everyone else has one”. But I can be a bit prudish at times. Smartphones are so unfiltered; too adult in my opinion. I worry that her hands on her piano and nose in her books will turn into eyes on screens and fingers on keys. I could list a dozen reasons why a 12 year old should not have a smartphone.

I’ve oftentimes told her that maybe she’s the “only one” without one because she’s different, unique, the one who stands out in the crowd. Hard for her to see that. Maybe I do need to loosen up a bit and put myself in her shoes. The last thing I want is to be a close-minded, my-way-or-the-highway, my house/my rules type of parent. As a person who seeks understanding in others and is an avid lifelong learner, I have to be open to changing my mind. Her four page well-written letter to me with reasons she should have an iPhone actually opened my mind and reminded me of just how smart and capable she is. We’ve raised a responsible young lady. I’m just not ready though.  She’s still my first baby 💛


8 thoughts on “The last kid to have an iPhone 

  1. I don’t blame your lack of enthusiasm to reward your precious pre-teen with a phone. I too am against young people having a cell phone until they are at least 16, if not 18 and can pay the bill themselves. lol There are many rewards to provide for academic excellence; taking trips (such as Disney, good choice), or a destination of her choosing – with in reason, maybe even start an account that holds education reward money that she can use towards her future car..ect. In essence, a phone is not a choice I would be keened about…but ay, if she wants a phone she may have a flip phone. Now I’ve made you seem like not as prudish as you thought you were. lol

    Wonderful blogs by the way!


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  2. Good post, great parenting, and a great child to show for it. It can be hard navigating between not just yet and I have to make room for growth as a parent; there is no perfect timing. Just trust the fact because of great parenting, when the time comes for her to show you a little independence she’ll reward you with the great seeds that you’ve already sown.

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  3. You guys have done such a phenomenal job raising my beautiful niece! If only our roles were reversed where you were the older sister, and i the younger sis. I can’t help but think, had i known then what I’ve learned from you now, i can only imagine how things would be. Through it all, im thankful. Thanks for sharing and being so inspirational. Love you sis!

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    1. ☺️ I appreciate that so much sis. But I wouldn’t be the woman I am now without everything I’ve learned from you and all the women in our family. Still learning. And now learning from the kids. I’ll have to share the letter she wrote with you – it made me weak – how good of a writer she is, how expressive, and how much she has grown. Before we know it she’ll be out of high school. It’s crazy how time flies and how it all comes full circle. Love you 😘😘😘


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