Eden’s 1st Birthday

So baby girl is a year old already. Where does the time go? She’s been quite the blessing to our family.

So, what has she been up to? Let’s see…

She started walking two months ago and is now running, backing up, squatting, and motioning to flip.

She communicates well thru the sign language we’ve taught her: milk, eat, up; and is learning: shoes, drink, change diaper, and we will continue to teach her common words and phrases.

She loves to dance, especially to reggae and go-go. Her cries will turn into a smile instantly if her brother sings “you are my sunshine” or I turn on a Taylor Swift song.

She wakes up every morning with a smile followed by hand claps and dancing.

And she eats everything – lint, sand, paper, books. Yes, books are her favorite lol.

I’m not making a fuss out of the day. No party or clowns or moonbounces or anything. Just us and a smash cake.


I really wish I could just go to the store and buy a cake like a normal person. But I am soooo abnormal. I did entertain the thought though. I was determined for baby girl to have a homemade lemon velvet Peppa Pig themed cake from scratch. Did I mention I made my own fondant? What is wrong with me? Rhetorical question – I already know lol. I am solution-driven. My quest to find quality fondant resulted in researching the best ingredients and making it from scratch on my own. I am 100% confident in my online degree from Pinterest University with my minor concentration in YouTube lol.

Eden and Noah (as well as the rest of our family, if I’m being completely honest) absolutely love Peppa Pig. Her face lights up and she says “Peppa” whenever she hears the theme song.

I searched Pinterest and found an image of a cake (original post on http://www.designer-cakes.com) that I’d use as my visual model. I’m no artist, but I love arts and crafts. I decided to freehand all of the pieces for the cake with no previous experience and no instructions. So, fussy cake, but no fussy party. I can manage this. Truth is, I have to do these things- the things I enjoy, the things that are hard to do once the little ones come along, the things that make me me. I’d otherwise be lost. Happy wife, happy life.

Accomplishing this task was no small feat. Eden decided she didn’t want to take a nap today – with four new teeth coming in, she’s been holding me close and I can’t blame her. Luckily, I made the fondant and character pieces for the cake last night after we put the kids to bed.  So today I one-handedly baked the cake, made the frosting, leveled the cake layers, frosted the cake, and attempted to roll out the fondant.

This is where having an older child is a big blessing. Jaden jumped right in to play with Eden while I finished up. One minute they were watching Shark Boy and Lava Girl, the next minute baby girl was fast asleep.

Eden enjoyed her first taste of cake and icing. And loved seeing Peppa on her cake 🙂 And I thoroughly enjoyed creating this memory for our family. Noah’s birthday is in July and I am so very excited already to get started on his cake. 



10 thoughts on “Eden’s 1st Birthday

  1. Putting in a request now for a birthday cake in June…marble cake in the image of James Harden of the Houston Rockets. Once you are done with this cake, we will discuss plans for the July wedding cake! 🙂

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