We traded one snake for three fish

My husband is officially the neighborhood snake-catcher. A neighbor rang our bell and showed me a picture she took of this long snake her husband discovered crawled up in their backyard. Asked if hubby was available. Took him less than two minutes to wake up, grab his shovel, and make his way down the street. 

He ended up letting the snake go, into the woods. Saved the neighbors some grief over having this 4-footer curled up against their house. As a token of gratitude, he shared some of his fresh catch with us 🙂 Fresh Porgy fish just back from his fishing trip to Boston.  

Gosh, I had been craving Jamaican Steamed Fish for months now! Last week when I got my hands on some Red Snapper, I stuffed them with calalloo and veggies and hubby threw them on the grill. Delicious but not the taste I’ve been wanting for. Tonight, these Porgy fish will get the steam of a lifetime.  

      This hit the spot. Just what I needed. I served it with brown rice and hubby’s cabbage. Though I would have preferred some Jamaican food with it – steamed dumplings, yellow yam, and green banana. The fam vowed that we’d have this meal once a week. My kids don’t even usually fool around with fish too much, but tonight after I gave them a taste, they wanted plates. 

I can’t say that I’m at all comfortable with my husband being the snake-man. All I can do is grab my video camera and be by his side, disguising my fear as cheers knowing that I have my phone in my hand ready to make an emergency phone call in two seconds flat. He enjoys it though and is very careful. And if he keeps bringing home fresh fish, I’d say, it’s not a bad part-time job lol. 


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