My Time Is Not My Own

This morning I woke up with hopes to have a little free time to wash and retwist my hair…

We had pancakes, I did a little laundry, then headed out to run some errands:

12:00     Business Meeting at a donut shop – take the girls along because the boys have a prior commitment.

12:15     As I start my important discussion, Eden starts to meltdown.

12:20     I try to nurse her but it’s hot and she’s not having any parts of being covered up. So, milk with the donuts it is. Ditch the cover.

12:25     The meltdown intensifies. My locs are being pulled and munched on. Have to postpone the meeting. High pitch screams on the way to the car.

12:30     Get in car. Start ignition. Baby asleep before I even back out. Nice quiet ride home. If only I could use this time to read a book or paint my nails or dust or something. Yoga, yes, a little meditation to clear my mind.

12:45     Home. Carefully transfer Eden from the carseat to the crib. Whew! Still asleep.

1:00       Oldest dear daughter says “Mom, I’m bored”.

1:15       Hang up the diapers I washed this morning. Take trash out. Straighten up kitchen.

1:30       Write a blog? Sounds good – I have 30 minutes before we have to leave the house.

1:35      “Mommyyyyyyy! I’m finished” – says my son in the bathroom.

1:45      Second attempt at blog.

1:50      Time to get ready and leave the house for dear daughter’s piano recital. “Everyone, be ready to leave in 10 minutes!”

2:01     “Mom, can I just wear this??” No… again.

2:07     …

2:21    On our way. Finish blog post in car while hubby drives. 

2:35    First to perform. Eden wants milk. Wants to roam while she feeds. Meltdown #2 begins. Exit to the left. Outside for fresh air. Sneak back in to see end of performance. Brava! 

Now for lunch…


6 thoughts on “My Time Is Not My Own

  1. lol, i love it! i have 3 boys and 2 jobs, so add in tryin to write and blog and not go quietly mad in the midst of all this lovely chaos, i must say i feel ur struggle!! 🙂

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  2. Wow!!!! I am a mom to be due in August so excited, but know my life is going to change forever which sorta freaks me out. However from reading this article I was able to take being able to be flexible. Thanks for the article😊

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  3. Wow!!! I am expecting my first child I’m really excited but know my life is going to change for ever, however what I just learned from this article is to be able to adjust and be flexible. I swear motherhood should come with a cape and crown.

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