At 1 year old, bought diapers for the first time

I never thought I’d be a cloth diapering mama until I met my friend, Sabrina. Her children were all cloth diapered and potty trained early. I saw how convenient it was for her and was intrigued.

So, I did the math. Buying one set of diapers for life versus buying a pack of diapers a week sounded ideal to me. I also love reusing instead of tossing – less waste. I have an HE washer, so why not? I was brought up on cloth. How hard could it be?

I also did my research. This youtube video made by Mommy and G TV really helped in making our decision: Cloth Diapering Tips:

We went for it and couldn’t be more pleased.

So, baby girl just recently came down with a stomach bug. Which meant constantly changing diapers. For cloth diapers, that means constantly washing as well. Since I line dry my diapers, I couldn’t keep up. So we bought a pack of disposables to get thru this bout of sickness.

How is it that we haven’t spent any money on diapers til now, you ask? Well, when it came time to build my stash of diapers, because this was our third child and we’ve saved a lot of baby goodies to pass on, we weren’t in need of much. So, instead of a “baby shower” we had a “diaper shower”. Complete with mini cakes, croissandwiches, fresh homemade vegan popsicles, and much much more.

     Every guest bought us at least one cloth diaper. Stash complete.

Now, these are not your mama’s cloth diapers. New school cloth diapers are soooo adorable! They come in all sorts of designs and colors. You get to pair them in the summer with matching tops. And they’re much more breathable and safe for your baby’s bottom.

Shop C’est Bon brand:


Bum Genius brand:


Are you a cloth diapering mama? Or maybe considering it? You should! 🙂


9 thoughts on “At 1 year old, bought diapers for the first time

  1. OMG Thank you for posting the link to the Kente cloth diaper! I have been searching high and low for it. I have been cloth diapering for almost 1 year (Jeremiah will be 2 next month but we bought disposables for family who would babysit from time to time) and we love it! Great post!

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  2. I love cloth diapering! The one time investment of cloth diapering and breastfeeding saves so much money that I haven’t looked back on either. We have a couple bumgenius, but mostly Blueberry and Thirsties. I’ll check out C’est Bon’s shop. I’m also waiting for Sunshine Fabric and Designs to stock so I can try them out.

    And on top of it all, when all your children are potty trained you can sell the diapers and get some of the investment back! #clothdiaperallthebabies

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