Bake your bread, mamas

Let me tell you, baby girl and I are attached at the hip! Attachment parenting, co-sleeping, breast-feeding at its best.  

  This wasn’t the plan though lol. It’s a standard case of  “the baby” syndrome. Yes, Eden is the baby and the rules have been laxed. Our other children had moved on from breastmilk and our bed long before this point. 

Today baby girl ran a breastfeeding marathon – even thru sleeping. I tried and tried to pull away but the clamp got more intense with each pull. A count of three and one swift pull later, I was in the kitchen pouring a cup of tea and slicing into the lemon blueberry loaf I made yesterday.  

  You might say, “Lemon Blueberry Loaf? When did you find the time to make that??” Well, it wasn’t easy. Yes, I single-handedly baked (no, really, baby in one hand and batter in the next). And I’ll continue to bake and take photos and write and read and every other little thing that makes me smile. This is my fuel for keeping cool 🙂

So, bake your bread, mamas! Have your indulgences ready for moments of spare time. Take care of yourself in between taking care of the little ones. Even if just for a moment. 


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