5 Loc Rules I Consistently Break

I get asked for loc advice regularly. And, truth is, my routine is quite different from the norm. Here are 5 common loc rules that I consistently break. 

  1. Cover your locs at night. This is something I never do. Ok, not never – I do cover my head when I have shampoo on my scalp, which I leave on overnight before I wash. I do this so that I don’t transfer shampoo to my pillow. Every other night I sleep free. There’s nothing I enjoy more than ditching a head wrap at night. When I had a relaxer, I spent too many nights wrapping my hair then tieing it down and waking up with a headache. Now when I cover it, I wake up with sweat. So I don’t. The cleaner my scalp, the better.
  2. Don’t wash too often. I wash my hair more often than anyone I know, with or without locs. Several times a week. Take a look at my wash routine video on YouTube where I explain why: http://youtu.be/xTAMPdzrjJM.
  3. Don’t retwist too often. In the beginning, I retwisted after each wash, which was once a week or every two weeks. I’ve always been very gentle with my twist method as to not put any pressure on my hair not scalp. And I’m more than pleased with how my locs have matured because of this. Nowadays I retwist when I feel like it, which can be months in between.
  4. Oil your scalp. I don’t let oils nor any product touch my scalp. Water only. Rose water actually. I prefer to keep my scalp clean so that I don’t have to worry about having a reaction.
  5. Palm roll. I’ve never palm rolled my locs. I don’t see anything wrong with palm rolling and when I get my hair professionally done, they do this method. I just never had the energy to take that extra step – I have a lot of locs; having both hands in my hair the whole time I retwist is just too tiring for me. I’ve developed my own method of retwisting in which I can use one hand at a time.

I’m not sharing this to encourage you to care for your locs the exact same way I care for mine. I tell you this to show that everyone’s loc journey is different. How you should care for your hair is due to a combination of your hair type, scalp condition, and the way your hair reacts to different ingredients and products. Give your hair what it specifically needs. There is no one product that is the answer for every one. Embrace your journey 🙂


22 thoughts on “5 Loc Rules I Consistently Break

  1. I hear you loud and clear! I thought I was breaking a cardinal rule by not palm rolling. I have my own retwist method as well. My locs are only a year old and still on the fuzzy side. It used to bum me out that I never got into palm rolling because I wondered if that would help. But it’s just not my habit.

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    1. Finally someone like me! I have locs and i wash my hair maybe 2 times a week instead of the once every three weeks routine I was recommended to follow. I just love washing my hair! There’s no good reason why I do it

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  2. I’ve been on my journey for seven months now, locc newbie, and I’m in the process of figuring out what works best for my loccs. I’ve changed my retwist times adding more weeks in between and have also changed my product types and even my loctician….. I think I’ve found the one this time though. I do wrap my hair up every night though…that probably won’t change. Thanks for the post.

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  3. Hello. In the beginning, how were you able to wash your hair so frequently and not unravel your baby locs? I just started my locs and have been so tempted to wash them out because I haven’t been to really cleanse my scalp for fear unraveling them… Thanks.

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  4. I very much enjoy your posts. I’m 1 yr and 4 months loc’d. I have 61 loc’d that are almost shoulder length. I’m still trying to figure out what’s the best washing and retwisting schedule for me. I wish I could only retwist once each month (now I retwist twice a month), but my locs will start joining together. Any tips to avoid that? Maybe tweaking my washing method?

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    1. Thank you for reading 🙂 a With washing often, I also get Locs marrying together. One way to combat that is to go thru and gently pull each loc to seperate from each other while still wet right after washing. With oil would make it even easier 🙂


  5. I agree there are so many “rules” now a days. Discussions on products to use or not using products. Discussions on technique to twist, or palm roll, or interlock. It’s so confusing for me for one that I started to feel like I was doing the wrong thing. Fearful that if I twisted or Palm rolled in the future I would be bald headed.

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  6. Great post! “Embrace the journey” — My mantra as well! I just want to know how you shampoo your locs multiple times per week and enjoy it with so much hair?! Meanwhile, when I get just the back of my head wet in the shower and I get so annoyed lol

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Believe me, I’m annoyed – very annoyed lol. It is very frustrating to have to wash so often, especially because I air dry. Every few months I’m able to lighten up on my wash routine, sometimes once a week or every two weeks.


  7. I also don’t follow the ‘rules’ I rarely cover my head at night only when I have had it done professionally. I do oil my scalp but have noticed recently it has been itching A LOT so I’m going to look at just using water too. I understand there are ways that may work for the masses but I’ve never been one to follow the crowd so I’ll stick to what works for me nearly five years I’ve had my locs & I have a lovely crown if I do say myself! Lol

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  8. I agree with ditching most of these rules too. It’s important to understand what your reasoning is for taking certain steps when it comes to maintaining your locs. I have SD and it causes me to wash my hair much more frequently and avoid placing oils directly on my scalp. If I blindly followed the “loc rules” without assessing my own situation, I’d have a disaster on my hands! I really ought to look into the rose water. Is it something you make at home or purchase?
    Thanks for the post!
    xoxo, Bee

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