500 Brown Books

One of the most important ways in which we can encourage our children to be life-long learners is to read, read, read.

Our local library launched a 500 by Five reading program – read 500 books to your child before they reach five years old. 500 may seem like a lot. But, if you read one bedtime story each night, you’ll reach the goal in less than two years.

When read to daily, over time, children become more interested in learning to read, develop a stronger vocabulary, become more inquisitive about different subject matter, and more patient by sitting and listening. It is a substantial bonding experience between you.  This foundation is critical to young developing minds. A solid start to schooling.

Join me in helping our children learn to read and enjoy it. Read with us. Keep a list of the books you read as a keepsake.

I’ve taken a particular interest in reading many books specifically rich in black culture and history. Many of these books are hard to find. I’ve taken the liberty to link them all in one place.

You can follow this link to take you to books 1-100 on my list, in no particular order: http://astore.amazon.com/ofgracandgrav-20

Books 101-200 will be posted soon.


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