My Top 5 Hair Must-Haves

My hair routine is super-simple. I’ve found the handful of ingredients that work for my hair and I stick with them.

  1. Shampoo. Rule #1 for me is to have a clean scalp. If you’ve seen my wash routine on YouTube, you know this is a tedious process for me. But oh so worth it. Nothing beats a calm clean scalp. See my wash routine here:
  2. Rose Water. I use Rose Water for everything. I mean, it’s water but so so much more. I just love this stuff! It’s an awesome toner for my skin after I wash my face. I love to just spray it on my body for a light fragrance. And on my scalp, I spray rose water for moisture – helps me to keep a clean scalp free of product.
  3. Flaxseeds. I’ve tried lots of over-the-counter gels, creams, waxes, and oils geared at maintaining locs. Many of which have sent me straight to the dermatologist. My scalp is very sensitive and cannot withstand unhealthy and artificial ingredients. So I did my research and bought the ingredients safest for my scalp and started making my own gel with flaxseeds. See my tutorial here:
  4. Honey. Honey is so soothing for the skin. I use Manuka honey on my face to calm breakouts. And I mix raw organic honey into my flaxseed gel to soothe my scalp and to give my retwists a stronger hold and shine.
  5. Coconut Oil. I keep coconut oil on tap. I mix it in with my shea butter to moisturize my body. And after a wash, I coat my hair in coconut oil while it dries to seal in the moisture and give me shine. See my moisturizing routine here:

You can find these items on Amazon. Here is a direct link to my Amazon store: (Click on “Loccrush Hair Must Haves” in the sidebar).


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