Naturalista Hair Show 2015 Recap

Sunday was awesome! I had my first experience as an instructor at the Naturalista Hair Show.

This lovely skirt I am wearing was made by Cheryse Fulton. Find more of her designs at

Thank you, @mskikiprice, for snapping this pic of me in the moment. 
 I’ve been making my own hair gel in my kitchen for the past five years and I was so happy to be able to share the recipe in this hands-on class.

A couple days before the show, I washed, retwisted with flaxseed gel, and set my hair in braids. I allowed them to airdry then unraveled the night before the show.

What a beautiful and diverse group of people I vibed with. Lovely ladies who I’ve been following on YouTube and Instagram for years.

Angela Walker, owner of @NNaturalHairStudio organized this wonderful event. I’m crushing on her shaved sides! @HeyFranHey was radiant, fresh-faced, and so down to earth. 

I’ve been following @NaturallyCreole on Instagram and YouTube for years. So glad to have vibed with her.

@Curlynugrowth is my sister in my head. Her blogs and tips she shares on periscope are priceless!

Always amazed by @AlexElle. She runs so many successful businesses while still keeping her inner peace. Awesome role model and mompreneur.

@Adevegan hair: Natural. Conscious. Handmade. ‘nough said.

@Ajolique is always so strikingly beautiful.
 @Marleeinthemixx – Come on, what’s not to love? So much style and creativity!

And so many more! I look forward to next year’s show 🙂

Click on the picture below to find all of my favorite goodies, from baby gear to hair products thru my Amazon store: Shop Loccrush – 


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