When I asked hubby if he wanted spaghetti for dinner, he said “No, I’m cooking tonight.” I had no idea he was planning something this special. 

Can we talk about this gem of a cookbook he found at the dollar store? Win! The recipes are so refreshing. 

The Cioppino recipe called for an ingredient I had never used before – fennel heads. I stopped by our local organic market and scored two heads for less than three bucks. I get really excited about new flavors, especially when accompanied by seafood. 


Exceptions: Instead of dungeoness crab legs, he used Alaskan; where it calls for dried herbs, he used fresh; and for the wine, he used Chardonnay.  

 The crab legs still maintain their sweet flavor.  

 The wine adds richness to the broth.  

 The fennel heads and basil strengthen the fresh flavor.  

 Now I feel really silly about the turkey spaghetti I was considering.  I love it when he cooks đź’›



6 thoughts on “Cioppino

  1. My brother aint no ordinary guy!! Lol In the words of Tamar Braxton, “he did dat”! It looks sooooo good! Im adding that dish to my food request list for my next visit with you guys.

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