Operation Summer Beach Bod

I’ve always prided myself on sitting with great posture, standing tall, and not slouching. Then came pregnancy. While I always made sure I had good back support, the weight was still a whole lot for my body.

I’ve been recently diagnosed with Spondylosis – degeneration in my lower lumbar muscles and bones. Treatment? I need to strengthen my core. What does that mean for me? I need more yoga, more running, and more core strengthening.

Keeping my body fit has to be a daily lifestyle ritual, not just by hourly appointment. I mean, how else am I going to get Jada Pinkett-Smith’s body?? Or at least her mom’s.

This bod isn’t going to sculpt itself. I want abs and it’s time to go get ’em. Ok, maybe I’m being a little ambitious – I’ll settle for a Spanx-free wardrobe.

So I’m doing three things daily to help me get there:

  1. Practicing yoga – I’ve been challenging myself to explore new poses and challenges and to hold difficult poses for longer periods of time. I found a 30-day challenge on YouTube that I can practice in my living room after the kids go to sleep.
  2. Walking/running 10,000 steps – using a Fitbit and participating in challenges helps in reaching this goal. At first I wasn’t really interested nor motivated. Then one day it just clicked. The first time my Fitbit buzzed and cheered me on for reaching 10,000 steps I was hooked. Now I’m up to running 5 miles a day and I’m addicted.
  3. Yoni Egg practice – Yoni eggs are known to strengthen your pelvic muscles with regular practice. It’s basically like weight-lifting for your lower abdominal area. I received my yoni egg from http://www.ashleysnaturals.com. Visit their website to learn more about Yoni Eggs.

I’ve come a long way.  From not exercising at all – October 2014:

 To making exercise a priority – October 2015:

I’ve still got a long way to go. But I am loving my progress thus far. My body is more toned, more healthy, and one step closer to being spanx-free 🙂 I can’t wait to see where this fitness journey takes me – hopefully into a bikini next summer.

Drop your email below or add me (loccrush@yahoo.com) if you’d like to be Fitbit friends.

You can purchase a Fitbit from Amazon here: http://astore.amazon.com/ofgracandgrav-20 (Click on “Health & Wellness” in the sidebar).

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10 thoughts on “Operation Summer Beach Bod

  1. I’m starting my journey on Sunday! I’m using Shakeology to give me a jumpstart in addition to everyday exercise. I’m excited. My baby girl is 16 mos now, can’t justify the term “baby weight” much longer 😛 Thanks for this! Well Wishes.

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  2. Thanks for this. I’m in the process of getting back healthy. It’s hard sometimes with a busy 7 month old, working full time and school. However, with God all things are possible.
    Great inspiration.
    FYI- Fitbit email (jlittles@awd-cpa.com)


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  3. I had twins girls on July 28th via csection, in addition to my almost 3yo son. I’ve always been active. I’m done with having kids so now I really have to ensure I “SnapBack” and maintain a healthy lifestyle to be able to keep up with these 3. My hubby got me a fit bit for my birthday before I had the girls so I’ve been using it to up my walking, although I’ve been slacking due to the emerging New England cold. Glad you posted this blog. Inspirational. Add me on Fitbit. 🙂

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