Zombie Apocolypse

Did I tell you that I’m a dreamer? Not in the idealistic type of way – well, actually, in that way too. But, an actual dreamer. I remember sleeping for days when I was a teenager. Once I woke up and the clock said 6:30. In Connecticut during winter, it’s dark out at that time whether morning or night. I thought I was late for school. Jumped up and started to get ready, not realizing it was a Saturday evening. Dang, I miss that kind of sleep.

I’ve always loved sleep. For the good rest for my body, yes. But mostly for my dreams. I grew up “the baby” and spent a lot of time entertaining myself – making up games and crafts, no electronics like the kids have today, writing in my journal, etc. I also would just think a lot. I’m still a thinker. Scenarios constantly circling in my head. Thoughts swirling like the CNN news feed at the bottom of the screen. I’m also reasonable though. I’ve studied psychology and consider myself my own psychologist.

My dreams are often day residue of many of the questions left floating in my head. I find clarity thru them.

So, the other night I had a dream that I was caught up in a zombie apocolypse. Ha! Don’t know what I was thinking about that day but anywho..

I was so calm and careful. There were so many options. But I went with my gut and turned out making all the right choices – I was in a building, close to an elevator. I had to make a choice. Take the elevator or stick around and find another route. I mean, what if I get in the elevator then a zombie jumps on top of the shaft and breaks in; I’d have no where to run. Clock’s ticking. I went for it. Good choice.

I took so many chances, turned all the right corners. And I made it out, took another girl with me. We were able to laugh about it and i even told her that we’d write a book about our survival.

Have I lost you yet? I told you – please don’t read my blog lol.

I took two things from this dream. For one, I woke up feeling so confident. Like – I survived a zombie apocolypse. You hear me? Look, if you ever find yourself being surrounded by zombies, come and find me. I’m your girl. We will make it.

You know what else? I saw it through. I made the hard choices and somehow I feel that whichever choices I’d have made would have worked out. I need to just trust my gut, be confident, and know that I will make it through victoriously.

Photo Credit: Danielle Finney of dfinneyphoto.co, DFinney Photography 101 Mentoring Session, Washington, DC, March 2015. Makeup by Denyelle D. of Denyelle.com


6 thoughts on “Zombie Apocolypse

  1. This was a great post. Your very Encouraging! I’ve been going through alot of heavy things lately. Spiritual battles. But your blog gives me a peace. You remind me of myself. Keep letting the Lord use you.

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  2. This post is hilariously on time for me! My family and I have been going through the motions with some big decisions over the past few days and your writing helped to give me clarity. I believe God used you mightily!
    FYI…I don’t know if I would WANT to be caught in a zombie apocalypse but if it happened I pray I would get a chance to team up with you lol.

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