Ok, Not ok

 The other day I was parking my car at the mall. There was a senior citizen walking around the parking lot, searching. I kept my eye on her though she was all over. I got out of the car and went to find her. She was gone. I walked all around looking for her. 

Was she looking for her car? Her ride? Her home? Was she disoriented? Did she know what she was lookin for?  I couldn’t get her off of my mind. I headed into the mall to find security – maybe they could drive around and find her. 

As soon as I walked in, there she was. Sitting and staring. I approached her and engaged in a short conversation, trying to judge whether or not she was disoriented. One of the things she said was “I’m fine”. And from our conversation, I agreed. 

Then that night I had a terrible headache. It was blinding. But, I get them all the time and have learned to get along with it. My husband asked if he could help and  I said “I’m ok”. But I wasn’t. Then it hit me – what if that woman at the mall had mastered the response “I’m ok” and really wasn’t. 

As women, we sometimes have a very high tolerance for pain. We have these instinctual coping mechanisms that kick in, masking negative emotions. 

It’s ok to not be ok. If you’re fighting back tears while uttering those words- “I’m ok”- guess what? You’re not! And that’s perfectly normal. 

Sometimes we have to let our guards down and say how we truly feel. And sometimes we have to take extra care to find out the truth about what someone is going thru as we are all trying to smile thru it all. 


7 thoughts on “Ok, Not ok

  1. It was kind of you to see about her wellbeing. Hopefully she made it to a safe place.

    Side note: I’ve been to that mall. I recognize it anytime. I go there too often😧 PEACE

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  2. Omg!!! Absolutely! I find that some people who ask, arent usually prepared to hear anything other than the typical, “I’m fine” , or “im ok”.

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  3. Guilty as charged! I know the Lord speaks to us in my ways and I us our chart to discern, listen and obey.

    This is a message sent from my Perfect Father to me. Praise Him!

    I am coping with one tragedy after the other but “I’m ok”. Before I read this, I just came from a walk, in the rain. A friend had sent me am article about a women who participates in GirlTrek. It bought tears to my eyes. I immediately changed my clothes for a walk. It became crystal clear that I cannot let trying to be a savior for me family prevent me from saving ME.

    THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts. I pray many other women, including me, are blessed.

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