As an Introvert/extrovert I feel very insecure about sharing my thoughts with people I don’t know personally. I can easily share a picture or recipe but I hold my thoughts sacred.
So, please don’t read my blog. Although I’m an extrovert in the social media world, I’m actually a shy introvert when it comes to sharing what’s in my heart.
I’ll think of it as me just talking to myself, which I do often. My personal bible study.
I am a thinker. I analyze and even overthink everything. I seek to understand. I search for the greater good. I aim to please the Lord.
So don’t read my blog. You’ll be confused as to who I am. I’m not a clear cut saint or a clear cut sinner. I’m fighting everyday to live Christ-like. You’ll walk away stuck in thought.
Sometimes the weight of my scales will be tipped to the right, sometimes to the left, and sometimes dead center.
Don’t try to put me in a box because of any one thing I say or do. My habits and hobbies and views and likes are widespread and overlapping.
While my intentions are always good, It is an internal balancing act of grace and gravity – living in the world, striving toward the Word.

So why am I blogging?? Because after studying Matthew 25:14-30, I decided that I will gently pull my Talents of Gold from the Earth, wash them in the blood, and set them in the light to grow wild as colorful weeds. Head bowed, on my knees, hold them high for the King.
If sharing my words offers any enlightenment to anyone, then I know I am pleasing the Lord.
With that said, feel free to peek in and be as open with me as I will be with you. But shhhhh, don’t tell me when you see me 😉
Please, don’t read my blog. 

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